SP7021 Quick Start

The simplest installation for the SP7021 board.

1. Get image file

Please refer to How to get source file and image

2. Get source file and compile by your self

2.1 Compiler Environment

If you already have a Linux PC (must be 64-bit linux), you can use it directly.
If you don't have a Linux PC, we provide a Linux virtual machine image under windows for you to download.

make gcc git bison libncurse5-dev flex libssl-dev bc u-boot-tools xz-utils mtools

2.3 Windows uses Linux virtual machine image

1) Vmware workstatioin player download

download link:vmware player worksation player

2) Ubuntun Linux virtual machine image download

download the attachment, unzip tool you must use the 7-zip tool(download link:7-zip main page)

3) How to use the Linux virtual machine image

Please Refer to:https://sunplus.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/doc/pages/751337525

4) How to download and compile the source code

We provide two source code download addresses, one is github(https://github.com/sunplus-plus1) and the other is gitee(https://gitee.com/sunplus-plus1).

Please Refer to:https://sunplus.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/doc/pages/461045886